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Free consultation



I understand that you may not be sure what hypnotherapy entails,therefore I offer a free , no obligation consultation where you can discuss any issues and ask questions.
Each client is unique and different,for some,one session may be enough ,I offer 90 minutes of hypnotherapy/psychotherapy for £50 for the first session,£40 for subsequent sessions.
Fees payable by cash,cheque or via online payment at the end of each session. 
You can relax knowing that confidentiality is always assured.The exception being that I may need to contact your GP if I have concerns about your well being.

Standards of behaviour

Terms and conditions

Opening hours

You come to a session with the agreement not to be under the influence of alcahol or recreational drugs except those prescribed by your GP.
If you do come to sessions under the influence or alcahol or recreational drugs or demonstrate violent/abusive behaviour,I reserve the right to cancel the session and refuse any further therapy sessions.
In line with other professional providers a fee of 50% for any service will be charged for cancellation of an appointment at less then 24hours notice.
Monday-Saturday 9.00 - 18.00
Sunday- closed
Elizabeth did I session with me for my fear of dogs,she was very professional and had a very calming and relaxed manner.I left the session  relaxed. On my next walking trip a dog came towards me and I was waiting for the panic,however it never came.Several months later I am able to go out walking and have no panic whats so ever when approached by dogs.I would highly recommend Elizabeth ,hypnotherapy has worked for me and made my walking life alot happier.
- Julie Eastbourne
I recommend Elizabeth, I went to see her for a phobia.
- Misgana Eastbourne